Aman  Sharma
As I sit here tonight and realize, how much so many people mean to me and how much I mean to all of them. I wonder why I want is to die?

Why I feel like no one cares for me, as if I could fall on ground and gone. Why do I hate life so much? Or is it just that life hates me?

As I sit her cry all night until I fall asleep and wake to my life's 'IF ONLYS'...

If only one person cared for me.
If only life could be great and I would be happy.
If only I had someone to hold me.
If only.

So I sit here tonight and realize how much so many people love me and wonder if I really want to die???
3/17/2013 04:20:11 am

Bingo ... Y do v really wanna die?? Just because few insane people use us and then we start blaming the whole world?? Not fair enough! Those insane people actually don't deserve us.. but the ones who really care for us, who are affected by our presence/absence really needs to be remembered when a spur thought of dying hits us! Nice article Aman... U rock as always! :)

Aman Sharma
3/17/2013 03:30:41 pm

Thanks Tanya... Agree with your thoughts... :)

Rishabh Goyal
3/17/2013 04:30:51 am

another good one!!!!!!!

3/17/2013 03:31:05 pm

Rishab Thanks... :)


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