Aman  Sharma
"The Lost Paradise" is the debut novel of Anjali Vaswani & Vikas Bansal published under the banner of Mahaveer Publications in the month of April 2013. 

The book looks very promising at the first sight, credits to its wonderful cover. Coming back to The story line of the book, its fresh, intriguing, compelling you to read more and more. The story is not just one story but at times, its just a beautiful compilation of stories inside one big story.  

The fact that impressed me a lot was that it was not just a love story. It covered a lot bigger picture and Riya and Vivaan's love story was a part of it. Being debuts, writing on such a mature topic is commendable.

The beginning of the book is a bit slow and boring but from the second chapter it takes the highway and engages the reader pretty well. I really loved the way Anjali & Vikas has described the love bond between Riya & Vivaan. A reader can actually feel the scenario building around him. 

Also, the story gives a social message to the young generation about the darker side of the society where teens and youngsters are getting dragged into the world of drugs and sex rackets. The way authors have portrayed Riya's effort to help her friend Kamini to live a normal life. The protests and marches at the India Gate for the victims reminded me of a similar event happened to a rape victim couple of months ago. The climax of the book is one of the best part and I loved reading it. 
(P.S. I am an emotional guy and was good enough to give me some goosebumps while reading it.)
Overall its a wonderfully written book with simple yet effective writing skills by the authors. The subject is mature and compelling and keeping the fact that the authors are debutante, they have done justice to it. 

I would rate the book ☆☆☆☆ (4) stars out of 5. A refreshing story, not only portraying a wonderful love story but also taking the bigger picture into consideration. Recommended for everyone. Do read it. Links to buy the book are below:


About the Book

Riya was in a dilemma. Should she help her hostel-friend Kamini, who was involved in a sex-and-drugs racket and was depending on her to get her out of the mess? Riya had always dreamt big of becoming a politician someday -- so this was her chance to really help out innocent girl-victims and bust a racket...

Or should she just concentrate on her studies and enjoy the attentions of her handsome boyfriend Vivaan with whom she soon planned to tie the knot?

More important, could she help Kamini without getting into really dangerous waters herself and risking her own life and the lives of all those whom she loved?  

'Some love....' unravels the rare path taken by a gutsy, urban collegian and the repercussions it has on her life.