Aman  Sharma
Uff Ye Emotions 2 was no doubt one of the most awaited sequel for me. Finally, the book came and was an instant hit, all credits to its authors and most importantly the one person who bought the emotions out, VINIT BANSAL. 

The book is a collection of 11 short stories, each by different author trying to express the emotions in one or the other way and to some extent most of them were successful in doing that. There were stories that were different, interesting and touching while few were there that disappointed me to a great extent. The stories "THE WOMAN WHO WAITED" and "NCERT OF LOVE" where the shining stars of this book. "THE CLIENT" was my favorite before I read the last couple of pages. With a flawless beginning and an awesome story line, the story went flat as it reached the end. I guess that was because of expectation of something interesting that kept on developing as we read on with the story. Also, the cover of the book was a let down for me as after the huge success of UYE-1 I expected it to be different and more attractive. 

Overall, UYE-2 is a wonderful book and I would recommend it to the readers. It is like a Santa's gift that brings out the best of emotions & smiles Some stories will make you laugh while others will touch the cords of your heart. 

I will be giving it a ☆☆☆/2 star rating. Buy it from Homeshop18:

Aman Sharma

About the Book

Like the lyrics of an old song, which keeps repeating themselves in our mind or a fever dormant in the blood or an importunate lover impossible to get rid of, the memories of love or 'love' itself keeps returning in our lives again and again at the oddest of times and the strangest of places.

Randomly, beautifully, haphazardly or passionately, love lives up again—for it has been waiting for you, waiting for this union, waiting to merge with YOU at last.
So, keeping the trend alive and after the roaring success of our novice, Uff Ye Emotions, we are back once again with Uff Ye Emotions-2.

With Love, comes many emotions—some of them being pain, betrayal, hatred, hope and friendship. We fall IN and OUT of love time and again, but we can never be tired of it—because it is one of the only few aspects of life we can’t keep ourselves away from, isn’t it?

Selected and edited by Vinit K. Bansal, this time again 11 touching stories from authors across the country, will be delighting the readers who swear by love stories. And for those who don’t read love stories much, come and discover why they are so engrossing.

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