Aman  Sharma
I would start with congratulating Dhanashri Kadam for her Debut Novel. "I Live For You" is story of Shria and Aaditya, to be precise. They both enters into a relationship, despite already being into relationships with two different persons. Say it fate or destiny, incidents happens in their life bringing them closer, as if they were meant to be together. It is a sweet romantic story with a happy ending. 

The way Dhanashri described the emotions of the characters and their behavior is outstanding. She tried making the story interesting by prologue which worked on me and I read it but at the end I was disappointed, as author said it was meant to create suspense & interest and was not part of the story. Regular kind of story we see around us now a days, love & breakups. Climax is part is liked the most. 

I was taken back by the sudden change in the form of verb. The prologue was described in the First form of the verb while the story shifted to the third form of verb, which was a major flaw in narration.

Due to large dimensions of book, page count is restricted below 150 and can be read in one sitting of couple of hours. Cover page and Blurb of the book is attractive & interesting. Typeset errors are many such as extra space after first line of every chapter and at some other places, disconnecting the flow of lines written.

A well written story. Will give ☆☆ stars for the story. :) All the very best Dhanashri for your future.

about the book

A story of dreams, love and destiny, I live for you is a tender tale of Shria and Aaditya which will leave a mesmerizing impact on its readers. With breakups and divorces so rampant, I Live for you will surely make the readers think about their relationships again. It could work as a prescription for the broken hearts assures the author. I Live for you is a must read for all the people who believe in love and also who are living their lives for someone. A reader will not merely read it, he will live this book. 

The name or the face of the person you love will automatically pop up in front of your eyes promises the author. Missing this book will not be a big issue obviously; however, you will miss the chance of falling in love again. Lets rekindle all those soft memories of the newly in love moments

Let's fall in love with I Live For You which is not just a love story, its the love of a story!!

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