Aman  Sharma
Love and Friendship are two different things. It is very true that friendship is initial step to love. But not in all cases. We have some people in our lives that we consider as very good friends. they are always there for you whenever you need them. They wake up at four in the morning to receive your calls. Friends are someone with whom you can share all your secrets with. They help you out, talk to you when you need to talk, share your problems, talk to you about their crushes and hang around. They are the ones who helps you out with your social as well as personal issues.

And love is something not very much different from friendship. Love is a natural feeling which comes when you start to like or love someone from the depth of your heart. When you see them around you start to get cold sweat and when they come to you to talk to you about something, you realize your tongue's tight or may be you are short of words. When they touch you, suddenly you can feel butterflies in you stomach and that is when you realize you are in love.

On the contrary, when you love someone, it is not necessary that you are also a good friend of the same person. But coming to friendship, it is necessary to love your friends. Without loving your friends, you can't befriend anyone. One of the quotes I read recently caught my attention and made me think about Love, friendship and their relation. Her it is:

"It is also said that friends are angels who lift us when our wings are not able to make us fly."

So without coming to any conclusion or favoring any of these, i would say that Love & Friendship are two very beautiful and important relation in one's life. Life can become amazing if you are both a Good Friend and a loving Boyfriend/Husband. 

Aman Sharma
3/19/2013 03:53:51 am

Very very aptly written Aman... Friendship is God's choicest gift. Having a best friend in ur life wd mean that u r privileged! A true friend can love u more than a lover! Can care 4u more than any one else.. in short life becomes a bliss!
The quote of 'angels' is d best!
N yes m lucky I hv a friend lyk u on my life :)

3/19/2013 02:22:45 pm

Sometimes I wonder your comment is far better & expressive compared to the post I wrote. :P Thanks again... :)


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