Aman  Sharma
We have shared laughter,
We have shared tears,
Love lost, Love found,
Though it all we have stayed together,
From heart breaks to soul mates,
From life's hardships to life's happiness,
Our stupid fights, our silly talks,
Now that you're gone,
We don't share each others time,
But you're still with me everyday and night,
No matter how far you are from me,
I'll always love you Sis...

I still remember the first time we spoke, the first time we fought, the first time you cried keeping your head on my shoulder, the first time you held my hand, the first time you hugged me, the first time you came to my home and the first time you called me your BROTHER. 

Its been over 3 years since you first called me brother and started treating me like one, sharing each and every moment of yours, sending Rakhis and never ever forgetting to call me on every auspicious occasion. Though, I had no real sister, you never let me feel the emptiness of her in my life.  It's been more than a year we have met or seen each other and despite knowing each other boundaries our love, respect and relation never lost its essence. You understood my complications in life and never blamed me for not giving you time. You never complained for not messaging you or calling you. 

But I never expected or thought that this would arrive where I will standing all alone watching you leave me. i know its my fault to let go you but trust me I never wanted this. I feel guilty and will carry this guilt of losing a sweet and caring sister like you for a lifetime. All i wanna say is I am really very Sorry..... Please Come Back... I don't wanna Lose you... not now... not ever...
3/10/2013 04:29:46 am

Touched from the core ... I just wish the person to whom this post is dedicated to should read it ... Its so very emotional post.

Aman Sharma
3/10/2013 04:35:48 am

Thanks Tanya.. Wish she could read this and know what I am feeling right now...

3/10/2013 06:38:28 am

Heart touching

3/10/2013 03:39:32 pm

Thanks Harshita...

3/10/2013 04:00:12 pm

really very heart-touching. Brother and Sister relation is very beautiful. Hope she read your post very emotional.


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