Aman  Sharma
"IT'S ALL ABOUT DESTINY" is a Romance fiction releasing May 2013 By Parlance Publishers. 

It is a journey of Ansh, protagonist of the story, who lives his life through various Ups & Downs and searches for peace in his so-called adventurous life. In search of his questions he meets Vidhi and the GAME of DESTINY starts. How they come together with numerous co-incidences, fall in love, swears to love each other forever and then how their Fate tries to separate them...

Join journey of ANSH & VIDHI and discover how Destiny can play with your life. What will ANSH do??? 
Will he be able to write his fate or will he bow down to his destiny??? Will this story end happily??? To know more follow your heart and come along with us in this Journey Coz
You can watch Trailer 1 of My Book here:

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