Aman  Sharma
"Just another night
A gloomy, gloomy night,
Where your life became that sad song,
And you've given up acting strong,
As you stare at that familiar ceiling,
And the tears roll down your face...
Sticky and silently;
Not bothering to wipe them away
Tears that make no sense to you
And have no reason to come...
And when that night passes
That gloomy, gloomy night,
You're back again...
With a store-bought smile,
Plastered to your icy face,
And a genuine and happy laugh,
That never ever came..."
3/9/2013 01:27:05 am

It's so very well written. Awesome work Aman! I am touched... Keep Posting such delicacies... :)

3/9/2013 01:29:26 am

Thanks Tanya :)


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