Aman  Sharma
Cover page is attractive and was shocked when i came to know that Neha herself has designed it. The concept of the book is really good and a quite different. The language used is really strong and the character of KILITIKA is well defined. Book is divided into 3 parts, describing three phases of Kili's life. I personally really liked 1st and 3rd part whereas the middle part just didn't go as per my expectations. Poems are used in a perfect way to convey the emotions and feeling at places, loved them alot. The end is quite tragic with couple of surprises. Censored words are used at many places but fits well as the situation and characters demanded those. 

A different story and would recommend it to the readers. Will give 3.5/5 stars. :)

about the book

Is first love really so difficult to forget? Is reincarnation just another Utopian concept, which is absolutely impossible in realization? Could we really love someone more than we love ourselves?

Unveil these questions through ''SOMETIMES, LIFE FEELS LIKE VERY RUDE''. The journey of KILITIKA and discover what were the reasons because of which a fun loving and carefree teenage becomes a prominent Urdu poet of the country and opens up the biggest N.G.O. ever. What makes 47 year old woman fall in love with a 23 year old guy? Why she changed her religion to Islam? Why India & Pakistan, both the countries banned her?
Join KILITIKA in this journey of 47 years of her life, where fate plays an integral part in her life...

about the author

NEHA AGRRAWAL is an Author & Sketch Illustrator from New Delhi, India.A 19 year old girl, who had dyslexia when she was young. This is her Debut Novel and currently working on her next novel. She will soon organize her Painting Exhibition where she'll show her novels & play stories through her painting -in-sequence.She also have a keen interest in meditation and mystical secrets like Life & Death, God... e.t.c. She is fun loving girl who is happy living in her own imaginative world.

I am very much impressed by Umakant's writing style. He had written this book in simple yet powerful language and the characters are very well defined. The way he has described and outlined the female lead, The Angel, is the best i have read so far. Story is a different from all those chick lits we see these days... On asking Umakant i came to know that this is his own story and completely true. Story gets real emotional and catchy in the other half when everything starts going the wrong way in Tushar's life. Flow of emotions is maintained throughout and reader wont get bored by reading continously. Couple of printing errors  for which nor the publisher or the author can be blamed. 

Overall a very well written book as for a Debutant and would recommend it to the readers...Will give it a 4/5 stars...


""Most of us had crushes on our teacher; but what happens when a student considers his teacher as the LOVE OF A LIFETIME. Tushar, a guy who considered his teacher everything. Would his love construct his life in the most positive way ever? Or would it destroy everything that he had…?“It’s just Infatuation and attraction,” say his classmates.“It’s Impossible, Forget her and move on,” says his best buddy.What will Tushar do now? Will he be able to bring her in his life or would his love remain as an unattainable yet most important aspect of his life? Can the boundaries of age, profession and relations be imposed over love? Will tushar's never ending love compel her to love him back forgeting the student teacher relationship''. Journey full of madness, immense love and affection and unexpectations...""


Umakant Vashishtha is a commerce graduate from KCMT College, Bareilly. I loved An Angel is his debut novel and he is presently doing job in a BPO in New Delhi.