Aman  Sharma
My life with a Soul is a new concept by the author and quite a good one. The story revolves around Sam, the protagonist and Selda, his Love. Suraj, being a Editor himself has really used his knowledge, skills and imagination power to the extent. The way he portrayed Sam's character, talking to himself and expressing his thoughts in words and that too on a consistence basis is one of the best part of the story. The unconditional love between Sam & Selda is also something worth reading. Despite the differences they had, still they loved each other genuinely. The end of the book is quite painful when Selda leaves him and dies. The quotes he used at the beginning of each chapter acts as magnet attracting reader to Read On. 

A well written story with a unique concept way better than chick-lit stories. Will recommend this book to the readers. Grab a copy if not read yet. Will give ☆☆☆ 1/2 stars :) All the very best Suraj for your future.

about the book

Sam, an eighteen years old and young school student, becomes obsessed with a religion that delves into the dangerous nature of religion, love and dreams. He goes on a search of the truth, which according to him will change the course of the world he lives in. His depression, dreams, and his newly found love, Selda, takes him to the world, which he thinks is nothing but an illusion.

Things become complicated and his life turns into a chaos.
“What will you do if a girl says ‘No’ even after proposing her eighth time?”
“What will you do if your lover is suffering from Aids?”
“What will you do if your religion tells you that you can’t die?”
“What will you do if your girlfriend dies in front of you?”(

about the author

Suraj was born in Faridabad, Haryana on 02–04-1994 and on 3rd birthday shifted to New Delhi due to ill-health of his father. He studied in Mata Gujri Public School. He became obsessed with Literature in a very young and began writing short stories and poems, which could be read online and
He is currently studying History (Hons) in Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and partly working in a publishing house as an assistant.
He can be contacted at

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