Aman  Sharma
It's always wonderful to see people coming up and getting appreciated from your hometown. This was one of the major reason why I picked up ONE LAST TIME and started reading it. This book is Shubham Arora's second novel published under the banner of Paper Clip Books. 

The cover page & the blurb at the back side of the book is quite interesting and intriguing enough to pick the book from the shelves and start reading it. The story is  about the protagonist Ishaan and how he moved on in his life facing its gifts, surprises & shocks. Author has given a realistic approach to the book making it easy for the readers to connect with the characters & situation. The way Shubham has portrayed various emotions throughout the story either of the protagonist or any other character is something very hard to find. The narration style is perfect, without any over stretched scenes & dialogues, unrealistic & boring situations. It seemed like picture perfect.

The book is divided in three parts or better to say in three cities namely AMBALA, DELHI and NEW YORK. It's always been a pain for me in the past, reading a book divided in parts and such division haven't worked well from the narration point of view. But Shubham's writing skills haven't given me any pain while changing from one part to another. He has described each city with its own charming manner & style. 

The way protagonist life, his thinking and maturity level changes with time and he grows from a shy kid of Ambala to a mature person and almost after 10 years end up in big city like New York. is commendable. However the third part of the novel i.e. the NEW YORK part felt a bit on the shorter side compared to the previous two parts. The chapters are of normal length making the reading more comfortable and easy to connect with. The climax of the story is wonderful leaving you with endless thoughts about the book and its characters. 

In the end, all I would like to write is Shubham Arora has the capacity & skills to be one of the best in the literature industry. With his simple yet powerful & heart-felt language, he has stunned me with this work and I was hooked with the book till the very end. I am really looking forward to his another work of fiction work very soon. 

Will give him ☆☆☆☆.25 (4.25) Stars. A wonderful book & if you love Romance genre, I guess you should not miss this. Good Luck to the author.

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About the Book

One phone call changes it all for him. Her phone call. After one full year. She is in the US, informing him about her marriage. She wants to meet him.

He had moved on, at least thats what he had made himself believe. Unsure of everything, he books a flight from New York to Carolina to give his past the final closure.

The journey brings all the painful memories back to him. They have both come a long way since they first met as kids and then again as adults, before parting ways and . . . moving on.

But flight 1549 is not destined to reach its destination. Unaware and oblivious, he is lost in his memories of her.
Ambala. New Delhi. New York.
Love. Career. Distance. Longing. Separation.
Will he realize her importance in his life? Will she ever find out who she is actually meant for?

What if he doesn't live up to the day to meet her one last time?

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