Aman  Sharma
Once, I Loved An Angel whom I proposed saying Te Amo... I Love You...
We vowed to be ToGetHer Till the Last Breath but Wo Chali Gayi...

After she left the city, we stayed in a Long Distance Relationship for some time
till the day she came to me and said Dear, I Hate You...

I was standing in front of her asking myself only one question, "Did She Love Me?"
I realized that no, she doesn't love me anymore and 

If it's not Forever, It's Not Love...
I wanted to say that I Live for You but couldn't  say  anything else 

except Sorry for Loving You...

I am Heartless now and sometimes, life feels like very rude without her 

but what else can I do, It's all About Destiny. 

She is now Flirting with fate and regretfully saying one thing now a days
By Losing You I found How Much I Needed You...

©Aman Sharma, 2012
12/16/2012 05:11:15 pm

Awesome creation...

12/16/2012 05:16:02 pm

Tremendously Fantastic (Y)

Aman Sharma
12/16/2012 05:19:28 pm

Thanks Abhi... :)

12/16/2012 05:36:55 pm

Awesome creation n somewhat same thng happened to me


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